This seems like it would be a simple question, but my Google skills have failed me.

When logged into a domain (as a domain user without any admin rights), how can I determine what groups my user account belongs to?


You can also do it using the following:


which will also show any GPO objects applied


Ah - I managed to find a way to do this, from a command prompt:

net user {username} /domain

Which includes in its output a list of "global group memberships" corresponding to domain groups.

  • Very handy command. – tovare Oct 11 '10 at 9:18

Here's what I use (since I have Gnu32 grep):

gpresult /R | grep "following security groups" -A5000

This will perform a "list group policy" command for the current user, then pipe the output through grep so that only the information about group membership is written out.

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