I would like to open a mounted TrueCrypt container with a keyboard shortcut.

enter image description here

Currently, I'm opening it by double-clicking the volume. See screenshot above. Instead of using the mouse, I'd like to use the keyboard. But there seems to be no way.


  • TrueCrypt 7.1.a
  • Windows 7 64bit

Failed attempts

  • When you right-click on the volume, there is a "Open" command in the context menu. enter image description hereSo, I've tried to open the context menu with the context menu key on the Windows keyboard. But strangely enough that does not open the context menu.
  • I've also tried Shift+F10 to open the context menu, but that does not work either.
  • There is no "Open" command in the menues (Volume, System, Favorites, Tools, Settings, Help), so I can't press for instance Alt+V to open a menu and go from there.
  • I tried to use AutoHotKey to send a double-click command, but that does not work because the double-click is sent to the current mouse position and not the current selection, which would my selected TrueCrypt volume.
  • There would be a HotKeys dialog in menu Settings > Hot Keys... But there seems to be no way, to add or configure a hotkey for "Open".


My current workaround is to tick "Open Explorer window for successfully mounted volume" in the menu Settings > Preferences...


Why not create a shortcut to the TrueCrypt executable and append the appropriate command-line arguments (such as /volume /password /explore), or create a shortcut to a batch file with the appropriate commands? This will allow you to set up a keyboard shortcut to mount the volume as well as open an Explorer window if the mount operation was successful.

See detailed command-line option listing for TrueCrypt here.

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