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How to prevent Mac OS X creating .DS_Store files on non Mac (HFS) Volumes?

I dual boot between Mac and Windows. When I browse my Windows partition with Finder, it drops little .DS_Store turds all over the folders. They show up when I boot back into Windows. Right now I've got one on my Desktop, sigh.

Are there any (free) programs I can use to stop this from happening? I know, I know, there's a Finder setting to stop dropping .DS_Store files on network drives, but my local Windows partition is NOT a network drive.

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I have not used it personally, but have had BlueHarvest recommended to me for this...


From the site:

The easiest way to keep your disks and file servers clean of Mac “dust”. BlueHarvest automatically removes DS_Store and ._ AppleDouble files (resource forks) from your USB keys, SD cards and file servers, etc. BlueHarvest removes these items as they’re created so you’ll always be “dust” free.

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