I'm following along with this tutorial on how to use Sublime text editor https://tutsplus.com/lesson/services-and-opening-sublime-from-the-terminal/ . It gives instructions to enter the following command to enable opening of Sublime in the terminal.

ln -s "/Applications/Sublime Text 2.app/Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl" /bin/subl

After creating that link, it says I should be able to do

subl .

to open all the files in a folder in Sublime. However, when I do it, it says

-bash: subl: command not found

My system says the file exists

 ln: /bin/subl: File exists

Any idea what I can do?


Try this. Create a new link to /usr/local/bin:

ln -s "/Applications/Sublime Text 2.app/Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl" /usr/local/bin/subl

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