I have Google Chrome (on Windows 7/8/Mac OS/iPhone/iPad) storing all my web passwords and sync'ing it far and wide. So far so good. However, I also wanted to keep a backup of the passwords in a clear text file which in turn lives on my truecrypt encrypted volume. How can I make this cleartext text-only backup of Chrome passwords?

PS: I do see how it's stored but I'm asking for how to backup it up as a cleartext file in an OS agnostic manner so I can (mount the truecrypt volume and) just open it up in a text editor and see the passwords.

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On Windows, Chromepass is portable, trivially easy to use, and will let you save all passwords to a text file.

  • When I tried to extract the ChromePass folder, AVG gave me a warning saying it contained the advertising malware HackTool. I had previously downloaded it without that warning though.
    – Kelmikra
    Dec 1, 2015 at 3:35

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