Need some handy tool in opera browser for developing like firebug

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UPDATE: The blink based Opera uses the same developer tools as Chrome, the following applies to the Presto-based Opera <=V12

Opera DragonFly is a fully featured development tool:

  • Edit and modify the DOM tree and any CSS live. Click on elements to find them in the DOM.
  • Full breakpoint-and-step javascript debugger, including a remote debugger protocol for development on any device.
  • Network requests, HTTP headers and more. AJAX friendly.
  • Very helpful error messages, better tracing than some other tools.
  • You can update to the cutting edge branch to get the latest features. Simply, go to opera:config#DeveloperTools|DeveloperToolsURL and use https://dragonfly.opera.com/app/cutting-edge.

See more information on the developer blog, or read more tutorials on its usage at dev.opera.com...


Try Firebug Lite.


Found that Opera has some internal tool but its not handy at all

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    Upgrade to Opera 9 or 10 - the internal tool gets a lot better. It's called Dragonfly by the way. – Ant Sep 29 '09 at 12:52
  • Dragonfly's still in Alpha but very promising – MartW Sep 29 '09 at 13:09

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