I would like to find out how to activate the backup software, stored on the (EISA Configuration) of my Vaio PCG-GRT300Z laptop.

The disk layout below shows that I have a EISA Configuration but can’t get to that partition.

100 GB
98.16 GB                total disk space
6.01 GB NTFS    (EISA Configuration)    Software shipped with Lap Top
C:  45.83 GB NTFS               System Disk
D:  41.32 GB NTFS               Storage Disk

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Try pressing F10 key when your laptop starts. That will take you to VAIO Recovery Wizard, which is located on the partition you are trying to access. Also, I was wondering if the model no. of your laptop (PCG-GRT300Z) is correct. I couldn't find it on Sony web-site. :)

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