Is it possible to set up a button that would perform the same action that AutoArchive does but do it now and only with the item(s) under selection?

I know it's possible to create a button to move anything to a "big Archive" folder, but I don't want that. I like AutoArchive in that it frees up items from my sight but still keeps the structure of folders as I like them.

So I would just want a button that would say: don't look at the age or AA settings--this guy can go to archive right away. (I'd expect to inherit the Archive file from actual settings, though...)


As a work around, Ctrl+Shift+V opens the "Move To Folder...". After you select your archive folder, Outlook will remember it - therefore you can quickly move files into your archive - it's not one click, but may suffice.

Or, save the move as a quick step (click quick steps and create a new one) - then you can assign keyboard short cut, like Ctrl+Shift+1 will move it to the desired folder. This way, if you have more than 1 archive you can have different numbers for each archive (well, up to 10).


Since re-reading your post and your comments, would an option be categorizing everything, then running a rule based upon the categories. IE, mark categories then run the rules; again, still doesn't hit your original request but since no one else is asking, I thought I would at least suggest work a-rounds.

  • Sorry but the "workaround" is about what I said I don't want: I have well over 20 sub-folders in my Inbox, and even if I had only 10 having to think about which one of them to use from which folder kind of beats the purpose, plus would be extremely faulty anyway. – Alois Mahdal Oct 8 '12 at 15:44
  • OK, let me update my answer for you – Dave Oct 8 '12 at 16:01

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