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Is there a hidden setting or an external utility that would enable moving windows on Windows like on GNOME?

I'm particularly thinking of moving windows using Alt + Drag and drop (which can be changed to Win + drag and drop).

I have machine with Windows (7) and two big monitors at work, and I tend to use multiple smaller windows. Moving them quickly around is essential, so I'm always missing this GNOME feature.

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  • AltDrag :

    AltDrag gives you the ability to move and resize your windows in a new way. After you have started AltDrag, you can simply hold down the Alt key and then click and drag any window. Besides just moving windows, you can resize, maximize and close them too. AltDrag simply allows you to do more with less mouse movements.

    This behavior already exists in Linux and other operating systems, and AltDrag was made with the mission to copy that behavior to the Windows platform.

  • This AutoHotKey script can be used as-is, or customised further as per your needs

  • A bit laggy compared to resizing by going to the edges, though. – Radu Feb 12 '13 at 18:33
  • Great find, I wish I had come to this question first – unc0nnected Aug 26 '13 at 22:45

You can use win + <Arrow keys> to snap a window to different edges. Left and right snap the window to take up half the screen, up makes the window full screen, and down restores and minimizes.

You can also arrow left and right repeatedly to hop from one monitor to another.

Is this what you are asking to do?

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