I've wrote a simple batch file to connect to a specific VPN connection using RASDIAL

rasdial MyVPNConnection 

but it always returned the error

691 Access denied because username and/or password is invalid on the domain.

Remote Access Service (RAS) Error Code List

then i tried pointing to my Remote Access Phonebook (Rasphone.pbk) and see what happens

rasdial MyVPNConnection /phonebook:%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk\rasphone.pbk

and still there was an error 691.

I've then unchecked the following

VPN Options tab

but still the same problem was reported when executing my batch file.


The problem was that my VPN connection was using Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)

VPN Security tab

and RASDIAL can't connect to such VPN connection as:

RASDIAL.EXE provides unattended dialing. It does not support the following features available in RASPHONE.EXE: prefix/suffix, auto-redial, change password, retry authentication, statistics, operator assisted dialing, and connections requiring Terminal mode input.

RASPHONE and RASDIAL: Tips and Differences

After i've figured that out i've used RASPHONE to make a connection passing the location of my Remote Access Phonebook (Rasphone.pbk)

rasphone -d MyVPNConnection -f %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk\rasphone.pbk

And everything worked fine.

To disconnect you can still use RASDIAL

rasdial MyVPNConnection /disconnect


Create a shortcut to the phonebook file works pretty well too.


Screenshot of shortcut and what it opens

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