I am trying to write a beautify CSS command in vim that sorts and alphabetizes all of the CSS properties as well as checks to see if there is not a space after the colon and inserts one.

Here is my code:

nnoremap <leader>S :g#\({\n\)\@<=#.,/}/sort | %s/:\(\S\)/: \1/g<CR>
:command! SortCSSBraceContents :g#\({\n\)\@<=#.,/}/sort | %s/:\(\S\)/: \1/g              

These work independently. However, I am trying to pipe them into one command.

On save VIM says:

Error detected while processing /var/home/jesse-atkinson/.vimrc:
line  196:
E488: Trailing characters

Any ideas?


You need to replace your | characters in that line with <bar>.

What's happening is that Vim is executing that line as separate commands rather than creating a mapping from the whole line.

See: :help map_bar


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