rpm -e jdk-1.6.0_17-fcs error: Failed dependencies: jdk is needed by (installed) xyz.i586 I tried to search for xyz.i586 find / -name xyz.i586

but no result.

  • It would help if you listed what linux distro you are using. From your question we can only assume it is rpm based (redhat, fedora, centOS?) – mrchampe Oct 12 '12 at 18:05

did you try the -q option ?

$ rpm -q jdk


Instead of using -q flag

$ rpm -q jdk

I would use -qa flag then grep output

$ rpm -qa | grep jdk

Since it will cast a wider net and list java packages that may not begin with "jdk"


(Oh, you are using an old JDK version, I understand you want to uninstall it.)

To find out whether xyz is installed I would use:

rpm -q -a | grep xyz

But you already know xyz is installed: jdk rejects being uninstalled because it is needed by xyz.

Maybe you want to know where xyz is or what it is?. Use this to list all files of package xyz:

rpm -q -l xyz

and this to show a description of xyz:

rpm -q -i xyz

If you don't need xyz you can uninstall both xyz and jdk as follows:

rpm -e xyz jdk

For where the program was installed (including all of the supporting files, so it can be a long list that you would need to search through)

dpkg-query -L firefox

For the menu item containing the package, look for a file in /usr/share/menu in the output of dpkg-query:

dpkg-query -L firefox | grep /usr/share/menu

In that file you should find "section=". The string after that text should indicate where in the menu system you would find the link to the application.

For information about what categories Ubuntu put the package into, you might try:

aptitude show firefox

  • dpkg and aptitude probably won't be useful since the OP is referencing missing rpm's – mrchampe Oct 12 '12 at 18:06

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