I purchased a new notebook and I'm trying to reinstall Windows. However, I missed that the hard disk used is a hybrid one – a Seagate Momentus ST1000lM024. The disk is shown as:

  • Disk 0 with 8 GB (SSD)
  • Disk 1 with 1 TB

I deleted all partitions – now I'm unable to reinstall Windows. I tried to reinstall Windows 7 (using a USB drive) however the installation creates two partitions.

  • A small partition used for the system, created on the disk 0
  • The primary partition

When I start windows for the first time, the machine is restarted.


Short story, i was able to reinstall windows using only the recovery disk. So, in this notebook, it is not possible to install any os but the supplied with the manufacturer (like the old good days of IBM machines). And the notebook was a Samsung, "was", because it showed randomly a vertical line on the screen, followed with some other random problems...so i returned it.

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  1. That is not a hybrid drive

  2. The 8gb SSD is separate from the spinning hard drive and is used for hibernation (Rapid Start) by a special Intel driver.

  3. What make and model of laptop?

  4. You may need a Sata or other Intel driver loaded during setup (install) of windows 7

  5. You are best to use the factory restore discs to install Windows 7.

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