At times when I am using my web browser – normally Google Chrome – I hear sound playing and I am not sure where it's coming from.

I always do research our performing multiple tasks thus I have many tabs open. So I am wondering if there is a way of determining which tab has sound coming from instead of having to close/search all the tabs.

I'm currently using Windows 8.


There is an extension for Google Chrome that does this. It's called MuteTab.

Helps narrow down which tab that sound is coming from, browser-wide granular mute controls, automatically mute background tabs

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By the way, as of early 2014, Chrome has added a feature that shows which tabs are playing sound (a tiny speaker icon in the tab) -- other icons for tabs recording with your webcam, or chromecasting.

You'll see those now that you know to look for them, but just in case, here's the Chrome blog post describing the feature.

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I normally have numerous windows and tabs open and looking for a tab by the sound icon is a time consuming case of 'where is waldo'.

It's not a perfect solution but using the built in 'Task Manager' and sorting by 'Idle wakeups' column helps me find the culprit much quicker.

locating tab playing music

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