I am trying to have ThunderBird setup in such a way that it can be used in read only mode. I am planing to set it up in a shared server and share the Mail messages with multiple users...

I want to prevent shared users from accidentally archiving /delete folders or email.

Is there anyway I could restrict users from doing that in Thunderbird.

PS: I am using IMAP. But, whenever I delete an email or move folders, it is also replicating in the Server. I do not want that to happen/ prevent user from doing that even locally.

  • Use the IMAP instead of POP protocol for e-mail retrieval. TB works with either and IMAP was designed for exactly the use you describe. – martineau Oct 16 '12 at 12:16

The authenticated user is able to do what is he allowed to do. So the solution can be to define multiple accounts for a mailbox (for different users) on you IMAP server and set ACLs on the folders and emails. Part of ACLs can be changed directly from Thunderbird using a plugin.

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