was reviewing an "excel challenge" and found an question that I can obtain an answer with excel 2003+ but not in LibreOffice Calc I'm interested in why the solution doesn't work in Calc but does in Excel. For question 6:


And yes, I understand that it is a CSE formula and entered in the formula with ctrl+shift+enter in both excel and calc. Excel returns a result, Calc returns #DIV/0!.

Saving / reloading the file in xls or ODS has no effect in Calc - and Calc is configured for cells to auto calculate (Tools > Cell Contents > AutoCalculate on) so that isn't the culprit.

Any ideas why?


Difference is that with LibreOffice, MID(Range2,10,4) returns "text" elements, whereas in Excel the same formula returned as numeric elements.


forces LibreOffic (and Excel) to interpret elements as numeric - and returns the solution.

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