Whenever I open Internet Explorer I get this error : "The webpage is unavailable because you are offline". I have to disable Work Offline mode every time. It only started doing this after I added a dial up connection. But the dial up connection only works when my phone is plugged in, most of the time I use a wifi connection. Why does IE go offline when the dial up connection is offline, even if my wireless connection is online?

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I have seen this in the past when the Internet Explorer - Internet Options are set to Always dial my default connection.

Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections Tab. In the middle you will see your dial up connection with options below it. Choose to Dial whenever a network connection is not present. Click OK.

Right now the last option is probably set, which makes it think it has to dial up but can't find a dial tone.

enter image description here

Note: this image has them greyed out because I don't have a dial up connection.

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