I use putty to ssh to a ubuntu bash shell, which holds irssi in a screen session.

I figure I can probably configure irssi to send system bell when certain messages show or activity happens, and I have already managed to configure putty to flash in the taskbar when it receives a bell character.

My problem is screen. I can't seem to get screen to do anything other than flash the terminal window when bell is sent from the currently active window. With vbell on it flashes the putty window on echo ^G. With vbell off it also flashes the putty window. When not in screen the bell is propagated properly and performs according to my putty settings. (vbell on/off is the same thing as pressing ctrl+a ctrl+g)

The core of the problem seems to be that screen uses visual bell no matter what the setting is set to. Maybe some sort of terminfo incompatibility between bash and screen?

How can I make screen send audible bell when it it configured to send audible bell?


You can just push Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+G to switch between visual and audible bell. Whenever it's in audible bell mode you should get the bell from screen.

  • (When in a current screensession that is) – miono Oct 18 '12 at 7:41
  • pressing ctrla-ctrlg is the same thing as pressing ctrla+: and then typing the vbell command. That is what the vbell on/off part of my question covers. I believe you when you say that the intended behavior for screen is to propagate the audible bell with vbell off, that seems really reasonable. My problem is then that audible bell doesnt work for me in screen. [I've edited my question to provide this information] – Zaz Oct 18 '12 at 13:50

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