My TP-LINK-8901 modem does not connect to the Internet with "always on" (automatic) connection. I have to put it in bridge mode and make a connection in Windows to connect to the Internet.

Also, there is no configuration problem.

What I did:

  • Reset the modem
  • Update the firmware

Is there any way to solve the problem myself, e.g. through hardware or software? I can't have it repaired because the warranty already expired.

  • Arash, you've already asked about this problem. If you would like to get more attention for your old question, you can always edit it to include further information, or place a bounty on it. – slhck Oct 17 '12 at 10:23

Does your ISP use pppoe? if so, you need to enable that on your tplink and provide the pppoe user and password.

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