I'm currently using an old Toshiba laptop which somehow has Windows Vista running on it. Unfortunately this laptop doesn't have a Windows key on the keyboard.

I'm normally a heavyweight user of the Windows+D keyboard shortcut which minimises all windows and shows the desktop. There are alternatives that I know of, such as Windows+M and Alt+Space+N. But Windows+D is easier to type with your left hand whilst the right hand can stay on the mouse.

Because I don't have a Windows key, is anyone aware of a way that I can re-map say Ctrl+Alt+X to minimise all windows and show the desktop?

I could probably easily write an AutoIt script to minimise all windows, then allocate a keyboard shortcut to that script. But is there any way of doing this without using a separate script to actually minimise the windows?
For example, a keyboard re-map utility with the minimise functionality built-in?


You can do it with Autohotkey, as suggested bu Trudbert, but in your case I think it would be way easier to do it in the registry directly.

In which case you should look at KeyTweak, which is the software recommended by the AHK developers to do such changes easily. Doing it manually is possible but more complex. You can take a look at this post on the AHK forums for an example of how it's done.

  • A front-end to a registry edit... perfect!
    – batfastad
    Oct 21 '12 at 16:54

Autohotkey allows you to define keyboard shortcuts:


would do the remap you want

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