What is the best way to connect two computers, offline, to screenshare from one computer to the other with good quality and get as little of a delay as possible?

What software should I use (has to be compatible with Windows)?

Can I connect an Ethernet cable to both computers and get good results?

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Easiest way to do it would be to connect both machines to a switch.

Alternatively you could create an ad hoc network by connecting the computers directly, which often requires a crossover cable instead of a regular Cat5 Ethernet cable.

Then if you just want to log into the other remotely, Remote Desktop should do the trick.

Ad Hoc and Remote Desktop

If you want the screen to be visible on both machines simultaneously, you should probably go for some kind of VNC software, such as UltraVNC.


The computers will need to be connected somehow. Is it possible they are on the same wifi network or plugged into a switch? If you can get them to ping each other, you can do sharing.

The easiest way on Windows will be Remote Desktop which is included with the OS.

Remote Desktop (Windows)

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