I want to stop Avira Anti Virus services in services.msc. Stop service is disabled for me. I am administrator of the computer. I installed it from the same account from which I am trying to stop.

If I try to kill the process from Task Manager, it says Access Denied. What's up with this antivirus?

I need to stop it as it is causing problems in my software development.

  • You can disble the protection against this in Avira's security settings. – paddotk Jun 15 '15 at 20:14

You probably need to uninstall it, or disable it from the control panel / options that come with the A/V. Many viruses try to do the same thing you're doing (disabling the service) so that they can turn off the antivirus, so many A/V products mark their services as critical so that that can't happen.

  • If you have trouble uninstalling the antivirus, you could try using Revo Uninstaller. – Suchipi Oct 19 '12 at 19:44

You can kill a process which doesn't let you by using Process Hacker. Process Hacker is a free, powerful, multi-purpose tool that helps you monitor system resources, debug software and detect malware.

Main features

  • A detailed overview of system activity with highlighting
  • Graphs and statistics allow you quickly to track down resource hogs and runaway processes.
  • Can't edit or delete a file? Discover which processes are using that file.
  • See what programs have active network connections, and close them if necessary.
  • Get real-time information on disk access.

Advanced features

  • View detailed stack traces with kernel-mode, WOW64 and .NET support.
  • Go beyond services.msc: create, edit and control services.

Source: Kill a process which says "Access denied"


Had the same problem. Could not install it. It kept coming back. Then I did the following according to the instructions at: https://answers.avira.com/en/question/how-do-i-perform-a-manual-uninstallation-of-avira-antivirus-9190

I downloaded a utility from their site: http://install.avira-update.com/package/regcleaner/win32/en/avira_registry_cleaner_en.exe

Booted into windows restricted mode (press the shift key and restart at the same time and go thru the dialog).

Then ran Avira uninstall via Revo Uninstaller Pro and also removed all the other files (part of the Revo Pro dialog).

Then ran the Avira registry cleaner.

Then rebooted the pc - no more Avira!


You can go to safe mode and copy it to another place and back to windows it will stop. But every time you want update avira must reverse this work.

And you install Process Lasso and terminate it forever.

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