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What happens when two PCs have the same MAC adress?

At my school, there is a WiFi network where you can register up to one computer or phone. I, however, wish to connect my phone and my computer (Windows 7). I talked to an IT guy at my school and he told me that it registers the computer based on the MAC address (For the record, he's the one who suggested I spoof). So, I got my phone's MAC and now I want to change my computer's address to the same thing. I found this link and this video, so I know how to change it.
I was wondering if that would run into problems because they are normally on the same network at home.

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If you use the same MAC address for both the computer and the phone at the same time at home then you will have problems.

If you wait about 10 minutes then the ARP cache from your OS will time-out and no problem will occur.

If you want to more details read up on TCP/IP and ARP.

  • So I wait connect one then wait ~ 10 minutes then connect another it'll be fine? Is that what you're saying? Just to clarify... – Piccolo Oct 20 '12 at 5:11
  • No. You can't have two devices with the same MAC connected simultaneously. So, you disconnect first device, then connect another. – Serge Oct 20 '12 at 6:45

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