Is there a way to browse the Windows App Store outside of Windows 8?

I want to be able to look at the collection of apps in the store outside of windows, similar to how I can browse through the Apple App Store outside of iTunes.

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The Windows App store can be access from their App Store Web Page


I asked a similar question on SO.

While there is currently no official Windows 8 app directory, I came across the website Windows8Apps (though not perfect) that comes close. Update: As @kgander42 has mentioned, there is now a official search page for Windows 8 Apps.

Another alternative is to use Google or Bing to search for apps related to a keyword (for example, site:apps.microsoft.com foursquare) using the site:apps.microsoft.com operator.

  • How about windows phone store? site:....microsoft.com? Feb 21, 2013 at 4:44
  • @EndyTjahjono the question is about searching for apps not just anything else on microsoft.com!
    – ericn
    Aug 28, 2015 at 5:20

Microsoft has finally provided a page to browse their store.


Here is a website which allows you to browse the Windows Store on any Browser or Operating System:

MetroStore Scanner

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