I'm new to ssh and tmux. I want to run a rake task on a remote server via ssh but I want to shutdown my computer and want the task continue running on the server. So I discovered tmux with seems to do that, but last night I got an "write error, broken pipe" after i reattached the tmux session. My internet home internet is very instable, so i may got a new IP, is that a problem? So, how can I prevent this?

  • You mean the re-attach succeeded? or it failed with "write error"? Did you start tmux on your local computer or on the server? – Thor Oct 17 '12 at 8:43
  • I ran tmux on my maschine. I did: tmux; ssh server.foo; rake something; close terminal + shut down computer. – ThommyH Oct 17 '12 at 11:56

As I understand you, you want to leave a program running on a server and the program should run within tmux. To make this work you have to run tmux on the server.


client$ ssh server
server$ tmux
server$ program

[detach from tmux]

server$ exit

To reattach you can do:

client$ ssh server
server$ tmux attach

In one line

client$ ssh -t server tmux new program


If you add -d switch to new the tmux session will not attach, but run in the background. Something like this:

client$ ssh -qt server tmux new -d "'program'"

Note that you need to double quote the command if it contains whitespace.

Reattach with:

ssh -t server tmux attach

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