The subject says it all, how to rehash the available executables available within one of the $PATHs after having changed things: e.g. removed a binary from one $PATH which is available in another $PATH, changed the $PATH-variable.

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hash -r is what needs to be done. In zsh it is rehash and rehash doesn't exist (by default) in bash.

  • rehash is also a cshell command.
    – macetw
    Jun 19, 2019 at 18:22

I use both shells and rehash has been reinforced in my hind-brain for decades, it comes out of my fingers without asking. To accommodate those reflexes I have added alias rehash='hash -r' to my .aliases_bash file, which I test for and source from .bashrc.

To summarize, in .bashrc I use the line:

[[ -f ~/.aliases_bash ]] && . ~/.aliases_bash 

and in /.aliases_bash I use the line

alias rehash='hash -r'

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