I would like to cleanup a windows service leftover from an application that I uninstalled. The executable for it has been removed, but it is still visible in the services view.


At a command prompt:


See Source: How To Unregister Windows Services

  • Yeah, nice. I've always done it the slow, manual way via the Registry, but if this works I won't even bother answering with that disaster-waiting-to-happen. – JMD Sep 30 '09 at 20:07

If you have tried the above and it didn't appear to work even though you are positive you typed everything correctly try the following command:

sc query state= all >> "C:\\[Preferred Foldername]\Service_details.LOG"

I found when running the above that, even though the Windows Services MMC showed that the name of the service was one thing, when i piped it to a log file it showed it as another.

Basically, because there was a space in the name, Windwos truncated it to remove the space. So even though it displayed with a space in the Services MMC, in realterms, there shouldn't have been one.

After the above discovery I found that the suggested routine worked a treat!

Thanks for that one Will

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