I've integrated GRUB4DOS into my Windows 7 bootloader menu using EasyBCD.

It works and I can chainload to my Linux GRUB at /dev/sda5 ((hd0,4)) but I have to do it manually every time. Grub4Dos just gives me its command prompt and I have to enter

chainloader (hd0,4)+1

by hand every time I boot.

How to automate this?

I don't want to install GRUB to MBR and make it my primary boot loader.


Just edit EasyBCD's NeoGrub configuration file.

Click the configure button in the image below:

Configuring EasyBCD's NeoGrub

And notepad will open with the configuration file loaded. Paste your boot code into there, save, and exit.

(Image taken from linuxso's EasyBCD page)

  • Thanks. I shall try this. I have actually used "Linux/BSD" page that time. – Ivan Oct 28 '12 at 15:04

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