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How to reboot/shutdown Windows 8 without the mouse?

I have just updated to Windows 8, but I have a very basic question: How to turn off the computer in Windows 8? Why did Microsoft hide the turn off icon?

Is there a way to put it in a convenient place, for example on the desktop?

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Right click on desktop and select the Shortcut under New and now paste the following in the location address


Now click Next and then Finish, now a `shutdown.exe is on your desktop you can change the icon by right click on it and through properties.

Also hit the Win+R and tyoe the following

shutdown /s

it will shutdown your system within a minute

shutdown /s /t 0

it will shutdown your system without delay

shutdown /s /f /t 0

now it will shutdown your system forcefully without delay.

Why did they remove it from there

No one can say exactly why but they have changed the interface and given it a new stylish look and to adjust they might have moved it from there.


Here's a video, you can also create a shortcut to "shutdown /s /t 0" (without quotes). Locking the screen(Windows key + L) will show a shutdown button in the bottom right corner, from there you can select "Shutdown".

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