I've started to use Vimwiki to create a personal wiki. I'm a big fan of the plugin, but unfortunately it hijacks all my Markdown files and sets their filetype to vimwiki.

This is happening with .md and .markdown files.

How can I tell vimwiki to only change the filetype if the file is in the wiki directory I have set?

Here are the vimwiki-related lines from my .vimrc

let s:vimwiki = {}
let s:vimwiki.path = '~/Dropbox/vimwiki'
let s:vimwiki.ext = '.wiki'
let s:vimwiki.syntax = 'default'
let s:vimwiki.diary_rel_path = 'journal/'
let s:vimwiki.diary_index = 'index'
let s:vimwiki.diary_header = 'Journal'
let s:vimwiki.diary_sort = 'asc'
let s:vimwiki.ext2syntax = {'.wiki': 'default'}
let g:vimwiki_list = [s:vimwiki]

I have also tried varying values for ext2syntax, including none at all and {'.md': 'markdown'}, which I believe is the default, but I have had no luck at all with anything changing. Any .md file is set as ft=vimwiki.


I had the same issue, but Ryan's answer didn't fix it. This issue on the old Google Code page suggests placing this fix in your .vimrc:

let g:vimwiki_global_ext = 0

Now files outside the wiki with the wiki page extension will not have filetype=vimwiki. This allows me to use Markdown (.md) with vimwiki and have the benefits of the vimwiki plugin while not overriding normal Markdown files outside of the wiki.

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This can be accomplished by replacing the global vimwiki_ext2syntax variable. Place the following in your .vimrc

let g:vimwiki_ext2syntax = {}
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