Some folks in my office don't like Outlook reminders and send meeting invitations without the reminder flag set. I often forget to override this setting when accepting the meeting request and consequently forget to attend the meeting. Is there a way to force Outlook to assign my preferred reminder time (15 minutes) on all incoming requests that don't have the reminder flag set? Overriding all incoming reminder flags (i.e. the nuclear option) is also acceptable.

<rhetorical>What kind of dumb calendar system prefers the sender's reminder flag over the user's?</rhetorical>

Edit: A Google search found this script that can force reminders on existing appointments. However, it would need to be run daily (or more) to be effective. I would prefer a setting or registry change that makes the functionality automatic.

Edit2: Outlook-2003


Have you looked into Tools > Rules and Alerts?

There's an option to run a script after a message has arrived and you can set up a rule to check meeting invitations. Set it up to run the script you found.

See this Microsoft support page for how to create scripts

  • I see the rule but how do I install the script.. the script field is an empty drop down list. – Chris Nava Oct 2 '09 at 5:05

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