I have a server with 30gb of content on. It runs Centos. anyone got any tips on running rsync to sync it to a hard drive (on my local machine)?

Is there any way to use rsync but also have 'version history' of the files?

also I am doing this command

rsync -avz -e ssh user@hostname:/from/directory/on/remote/ /tmp/to/dir/on/local/

but when i cd /tmp/to/dir/on/local and do ls -lah it hasn't kept the file owner (the file owner is my own user on this local machine) . i am running OS X


Re. keeping a version history; no, not just with rsync. You'd need to do this some other way. You could use rsync to copy the files for you but it will keep one directory in sync with one other directory.

One idea, you could rsync from A to B each night. Then rsync from B to B2 and B3 etc. on a daily basis - keeping daily backups of B, using rsync to make those copies.

Re. the file owner - if you're not root you can't chown files to another user. If you can run the command with sudo, that should preserve the owner then.

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