I was following the accepted solution to the following SuperUser question, which recommends the use of the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit to apply the RunAsInvoker fix:

Prevent elevation (UAC) for an application that doesn't need it

While doing more research into this topic, I found the following Microsoft TechNet article, which describes how the RunAsInvoker fix works:


The article states:

This compatibility fix does not intercept any APIs; instead, it applies a loader flag to the application.

I tried Googling for more information about what a "loader flag" is in this context, but Google gave no relevant results. What is a "loader flag" in Windows, and can a "loader flag" be set programmatically?


I found the answer to my own question.

The "loader" that the TechNet article refers to is the Windows Image Loader, as described in Chapter 3, Section 10 of Russinovich's Windows Internals, Fifth Edition:


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