In Outlook 2010, I drag a url from Chrome addressbar into an email folder.

It seems to work fine, in the Outlook email folder, the url's title is shown and the icon is a globe (url reference).

Problem: When I click on the entry in the folder, I get the error message:

Cannot open this item. Outlook blocked access to this potentially unsafe item.

Is there a way to have Outlook open/display the url in the default browser?


I figured out how to unblock the item (see below). However, now Outlook says that the item (url reference) needs to be saved to the desktop before it can be opened. That works, but is not convenient. Instead, I'll just send an email to myself with the url in it.

To unblock one or more attachment types, follow MS procedure

List of file types that are blocked by default -- includes .url filetypes.

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