I need a service that will allow me to draw a chart line by hand and generate data points for what I drew. This might sound crazy, but I need some data (preferably in CSV output) that will only approximately show value X at time Y and I do not want to go and produce these values by hand. I only have to know how it will flow along. Anyone know how to actually accomplish this?

So, I would actually want to draw a line on a graph, and then get the output (X + Y) from that line I drew in a (preferably) CSV.


Check out this previous superuser answer: "Program for reading data off scanned graphs".

See also the Wikipedia page on Converting scanned graphs to data. Below is the list of software on that page:

  • DataThief III is Java standalone software to digitize plots.

  • Engauge Digitizer is an open source digitizing software available for Linux and Windows. Latest release in 2007.

  • Plot Digitizer is an open source Java program for digitizing scanned plots. It is available for a number of platforms. Actively developed as of November 2011.

  • g3data is open source graph digitizer based on GTK+. Last release in 2011.

  • Silk Scientific, Inc. www.silkscientific.com offers proprietary graph digitizing software such as Un-scan-it

  • DigitizeIt is a proprietary digitizer.

  • Graphics software FindGraph from UNIPHYZ Lab contains digitizing capability.

  • General graphics package ORIGIN (proprietary) includes tools for digitization.

  • GetData Graph Digitizer is a proprietary standalone software to digitize plots.

  • Dagra, a proprietary program for Microsoft Windows, uses Bezier curves to digitize graphs.

  • OmniGraphSketcher, a proprietary Macintosh application, allows interactive point selection from graphics displayed on screen (via a transparent window).

  • XYit Image Digitizer (proprietary) from Geomatix, for graphs, maps and charts

  • WebPlotDigitizer is a good online graph digitizing tool.


You can also use im2graph, a digitizing software to convert graph-images to graph-data, that is to numbers (e.g. CSV). It is available on Linux and Windows (future versions will include MacOS) and is free for personal use.
Disclaimer: I wrote the software - Shai


I like WebPlotDigitizer http://arohatgi.info/WebPlotDigitizer/tutorial.html

Flexible, simple, yet has everything I need.

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