When I set monitor brightness adjustment to automatic (adaptive brightness), my brightness never changes.

It is always locked at the highest brightness.

What factors are considered for automatic brightness adjustment? (certainly they are not using my camera...)

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Adaptive brightness is a feature in Windows that uses a light sensor to automatically adjust the display brightness to match the lighting conditions in your computer's surroundings. To use adaptive brightness, you must have light sensors installed and enabled on your computer.

It seems to use its own Ambient Light sensor (ALS) if present. If not present, I guess it wouldn't dim the display at all. Usually the light sensors have very few levels of light detection (in lux). It has been around since Windows 7.



As Cthulhu said, it used the Ambient Light Sensor, which you probably don't have if you aren't seeing any brightness changes. I would suggest using a program to control this, such as F.lux. You can let it run on defaults or configure to your specific usage. It takes a bit to get used to, but it really helps on eye strain (at least for me it did).

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