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Where did the folder option dialog go in Windows 8 preview?

I want to set the same view settings(Large icons) for all the folders in windows 8.I have never tried it on older versions on windows,but now when I googled for it I only get instructions till windows 7,and the options given in these instructions are not available in windows 8.like apply same setting to all folders.

Please tell me how to do it in windows 8.


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From the Change folder options page in Windows Help and Support

To apply a view to other folders

You can customize a folder to appear the way you like it in File Explorer, and then apply the view to other, similar folders (folders that are optimized for the same kind of file).

  1. Tap or click to open Computer.

  2. Expand a location to get to a folder that isn't in a library, and open the folder.

Note: Changing the view of folders that you access through libraries works a little differently. If you open a folder under Libraries in the navigation pane in File Explorer, and then change the view, that view is applied to all the other folders that you access through the library as well. You can also change the kind of file for which the library is optimized. Select the library in the navigation pane, tap or click the Library Tools tab, and pick a kind of file under Optimize library for.

  1. If the folder isn't optimized for the right kind of file, change it. Tap or click the Home tab, tap or click Properties, tap or click the Customize tab, and pick one of the choices in the Optimize this folder for box.

  2. Use the View tab on the ribbon to change the folder view—the layout (icons, list, details, and so on), sorting, grouping, the columns that appear, and the other file info that appears.

  3. Tap or click the View tab, and then tap or click Options.

  4. In the Folder Options dialog box, tap or click the View tab, tap or click Apply to Folders, tap or click Yes, and then tap or click OK.

Note: The Apply to Folders button won't be available if the folder you selected in step 2 is in a library.

7. If you want to view all folders on your PC using the same view, repeat steps 1-5 for each of the five folder types (General items, Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos).

Note: When you apply a view to folders that are optimized for a particular kind of file, the view will also be applied to any new folders of that type.

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