The latest version of Cygwin doesn't use the windows command prompt by default, but Mintty instead. Initially, I loved mintty because it is much more reponsive and pastes on middle click. However, there is a big problem with this setup:

Any password prompts are not displayed. This is true for git, psql and others. This means that when I run the program and a Password: prompt should appear, nothing happens instead. It doesn't help to just enter the password either, then still nothing happens.

I know it's an issue with Mintty and/or Cygwin, because I also have the "git bash" installed that comes with the default Windows Git installation, and it works there.

System description: Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit, Cygwin (pretty late version) (How do you find out the cygwin version?), mintty 1.1.2, zsh (but it's the same problem in bash).

How can I get cygwin+mintty to display my password prompts?

Or can I get Cygwin to use the windows command shell again (which I hate, but it's better than not displaying command prompts)?


Thought there is two ways

  1. Try alternative consoles? ConEmu or Console2 for example.
  2. Run sh.exe --login -i instead of mintty. I believe sh.exe exists in the same folder as mintty.exe, because mintty is not a shell but terminal only.

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