I am trying to connect to a OpenVPN server on my Windows 7 desktop though my Astaro (ASG) Firewall. I got it setup and can connect just fine but I can't surf the web. I can ping websites like google.com so DNS and some routing is working. I am trying to figure out if the problem is a setting in my firewall.

This is what I allowed in the firewall:

Computer (  --> 1:65000 to 1194 (UDP/TCP) --> VPN DNS Group

So after I connect I look at the routing table and I'm just confused. Can someone post a link to a good website that explains how the Windows 7 routing table is read. Also can someone explain how mine is read?

Are there any reasons why Astaro might block the traffic? Nothing shows in Live Firewall log and IPS is currently disabled.

//local ip   
//local network
//local Subnet

// vpn ip
// vpn subnet

IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric
     30         On-link    261         On-link    261         On-link    261     30         On-link    286         On-link    286         On-link    286      5         On-link    306         On-link    306         On-link    306     30         On-link    306         On-link    261         On-link    286         On-link    306         On-link    261         On-link    286


I was able to get the OpenVPN connection working when connecting using 443/tcp. Which makes me believe that something in my Astaro ASG (firewall) is blocking the connection for some reason. I'm still determined to figure out why 1194/udp is not working (for everything) even though I added the rule into my firewall to allow the traffic.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

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