After installation of Visual Studio 2012 in Windows 8 VM via VMware Workstation 8, I am getting this message while launching, VS 2012 have become unresponsive although I am able work it after some time. What might be the cause?

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Try to increase the Virtual RAM for VMWARE as win 8 is strong UI based OS it takes memory resource.Increase in the Virtual RAM from VMWARE configuration can help you..

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This is a VS addin/extension called PerfWatson (as the dialog shows). Apparently MS have been using the data it sends back extensively in order to improve the performance in VS. In the non-Express versions of VS you can uninstall it if you want by going to the "Extensions and Updates" item in the Tools menu - but I'm not sure if you have that ability in the Express version. You could, of course just ignore it.

It used to come up pretty much every time I ran VS in my VM but once VS was loaded it ran fine. I did, however, uninstall it in the end.

As for the cause... well, it thinks that VS should have loaded quicker! Perhaps giving the VM more RAM may help - but it might not.

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