I think that this is possible with git-annex as it exists right now, but I'm just looking to make sure.

Right now I have a file tree that looks something like this:

+ knowledge
+ media
+ ...

And this goes on and on.

I'd like to create a git-annex repo for each top level folder. This means that there will be about 5 different git-annex repos on one external hard drive. Each of those repos would have a remote on my local machine, a flash drive, and another external hard drive.

Before I go about moving these hundreds of gigabytes of files around, I just wanted to make sure that nothing should blow up if cd into each of those top level directories on my external drive and initialize a git annex repo inside each of them. After that I would add the contents of each folder to their respective annex formed in that folder. At the end of the day, if I did this, would I be left with each of those directories converted into their own git-annex repo, with each repor containing all of the files that used to be in that respective directory?

Thanks for the input!


Yes, you can have multiple, fully separate annexes.

You can even use the git-annex Webapp with this setup.

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