I have recently installed Virtualbox 4.2.4 and I start a Ubuntu 12.10 image (*.vdi) under Virtualbox. It starts and works fine.

But weirdly I did not find any link to open a terminal(whichever terminal xterm, gnome, kde, i don't have any preference)

How can a terminal be opened once in the Ubuntu under VirtualBox?


Typically it's Alt+Ctrl+T or you can switch to another terminal with Alt+F2 (F3, F4 etc.)

If you are running Ubuntu 12.10 then you can just click on a Super_L (Winkey) and type terminal it should show it for you.


Which desktop you are using under Ubuntu?

Anyway, try ALT+F2 inside ubuntu and when a dialog box come out type "Terminal" Something should come up.

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