I am trying to run Fedora 17 using a Live USB on my recently bought HP Envy 4 1102tx which came with Windows 8 pre-installed. My system has a 500GB HDD and a 32GB SSD.

Every time I try to boot from USB, I get this error:

Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate. Press <Enter> to continue.

I wrote the Fedora 17 64-bit image using LiveUSB Creator.

I also tried using the LiLi USB creator with Fedora 17's i686 version, but the machine did not boot from the USB drive with that version, either.

I also tried LiLi with Ubuntu 12.10 and 12.04, but again, booting did not happen.

I don't have an optical disk drive, so I can't install from a CD or DVD.

I want to dual-boot Fedora and Windows 8.

Is there any workaround available for this? Has anyone been successful with this dual boot setup?

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