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How to create new user and set the privilege for this account on windows 8

One of the great functionalists windows has been offering for long is multi-user login. Different people can share the same PC with their own flair along with a guest user login. But, I am not sure, if this feature is available on Windows 8 or not. I have read many posts, articles but no where find anything related to this feature.

Is the feature missing, or restrained on Windows 8 due to which no one is talking about it.

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The guest account can indeed be enabled, as can be seen in the following guide from forum.technical-assistance.co.uk:

By default the guest account in Windows 8 is turned off.

To activate it is much the same as Windows 7, just getting there is a little different.

Open the Control Panel by typing Control on a blank part of the Start screen and pressing Enter,

Control Panel

In Category view click on Add or remove user accounts.

Add/remove accounts

You will see the Guest account and the fact that it is turned off, double click on it.

Guest account turned off

Click on 'Turn On' and its activated, close the Control panel and log off or reboot to test your Guest account if you wish.

Turn on

The next time you Start your machine or logoff you will be given the option to log onto the Guest account or your normal account.

To turn it off again log in with your account. Navigate back to the User accounts as per above. Click on the 'Guest' account image and you will be given the option to turn it off.


Its the same as in Windows 7.

Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts -> Manage Accounts enter image description here


It appears that the guest account functionality still exists in Windows 8 but is disabled by default. I have yet to find an official doc on Microsoft's site regarding this. Visit the User Accounts section of the control panel to re enable the guest account.

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    It was the same (Guest disabled by default) in Win7 as well (and possibly Vista too, but not sure). – Karan Nov 9 '12 at 20:08

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