I took a web project from my Window's disk and put it under /var/www.

localhost (my web server) doesn't recognize it because of permissions.

What do I need to run on the folder so that apache can read/write to it?

I tried recursive chmod, didn't work.

  • You also changed the owner of the files right? – Ramhound Nov 16 '12 at 12:49

from command line go to /var/www and type:

ls -lhat

check the ownership of your files. The command above should show you the user/group for your index file. Is it the same as the files you copied over?

If you installed a web server from a repository, the user/group is likely www-data:www-data or nginx:nginx (depending on your web server). Ensure that the files you copied over have the proper ownership. You can change the ownership by:

chown <user>:<group> files

Example: chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/folder

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