I'am using this script -- lightsOn, to delay screensaver when flash playing.

However, the script provide only the Chromuim way:

flash_process=`pgrep -lfc "chromium-browser --type=plugin --plugin-path=/usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin"`

I am using the official Google Chrome in xfce. Not familiar with shell programming, the screenshot of my process running in Chrome.

screenshot of my process running in *Chrome*

I want to know how to detect the process of flash player to make this script running? Thanks.


I have found a solution to disable xscreensaver when flash playing in Chrome.

Firstly, disable shockwave flash plugin at '/opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash/libpepflashplayer.so' in chrome://plugins as follows:

disable shockwave flash plugin

Then the command can detect flash process in chrome:

flash_process=`pgrep -lfc "chrome --type=plugin --plugin-path=/usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so"`

And I have forked the script from github, and push the new one with Chrome flash detection. Here is my new script.

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