I've got a simple array in Notepad++:


I want to get rid of the lines ending with .vmt and _exponent.vtf.


To remove lines ending with .vmt, use Search and Replace and select the Regular Expression option. Give the regular expression as


This will replace all lines that end with .vmt.

Similarly, to replace lines ending with _exponent.vtf, use:


as the regular expression.

The regular expression [^%]* means match all characters other than %.

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    Since Notepad++ 6.0 PCRE regex is used, so [^%] will also match newline characters. This solution will match far too much and even anchors to the end of the row are missing. – stema Nov 19 '12 at 9:41

Similar to what Raam answered, but with the regular expressions



The dot before the extension should also be escaped with backslash.

^ marks the beginning of a line.

$ marks the ending of a line.

  1. Use Find to mark all lines

    1. Ctrl + F to open the Find screen

    2. Go to the "Mark" Tab

    3. Check "Bookmark line" option

    4. Check the Regular expression option

    5. Use vmt$ as regex to find all lines ending with "vmt". $ is the regex anchor that matches the end of a row.

    6. Press "Mark All"

  2. Go to the "Search" menu, "Bookmarks ==> Remove Bookmarked lines"

Similar for your other case, you can use exponent\.vtf as regex. To match a literal "." with regex, you have to escape it \., because it is a special character in regex.


I don't know if regex has changed since, but as for me, the working regular expression was:


(.*) select the whole line before the .vmt extension

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