I am trying to use Komodo IDE 7 (7.1.3) to debug a Zend Framework (PHP) project. The project is being served by Apache on a Ubuntu Server and I am using Komodo on Windows 7 on the same LAN. The files are on a mapped drive corresponding to the root folder of the web project.

When I start the Zend Framework debugging, by loading a page with Chrome's Xdebug Helper activated, Komodo will warn me about a debugging session being started and correctly load the index.php file that starts the Zend Framework (and loads the bootstrap). However it does not stop on breakpoints, in any file. If I step into/over function calls it can go into files (although it complains about URI mapping and opens files in read-only) but it doesn't stop on breakpoints.

What am I missing in the configuration for it to stop on breakpoints? Is this possible at all?


Use the debugger connection preferences to change the port that Komodo listens to from the default value of 9000 to one of the following:

  • I have posted an answer - the problem was the lack of URI mapping. – Technoh Aug 6 '13 at 20:08

After posting in the ActiveState Komodo Support forums I followed instructions to add proper URI mappings to Komodo IDE's configuration. After reading the documentation I thought Komodo would pick it up automatically but once I set up a URI mapping for each main directory (e.g. controllers, views, models ans so forth) it was working flawlessly.

For more information, see the thread at http://support.activestate.com/node/9261.

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