I have not been able to google this straightforwardly, so here it goes for others.

Many networks have firewalls that block all but the basic ports. I am on one of them but I still want to acces gtalk and facebook-chat via an desktop IM application, in my case Pidgin.

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It turns out this is thought for and one can use the common ports (80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS), but not all combinations work.

For Pidgin on Ubuntu 12.04, but it would likely work with different wording for other clients such as Miranda, Psi, or Gajim. Go to Accounts>Manage Accounts (or press CTRL+A), pick your Facebook or GTalk account and go to the advanced tab. Fill in as follows:

(For Facebook)

  • Connection security: Require encryption
  • Connect port: 443
  • Connect server: chat.facebook.com

Facebook configuration

(For Google Talk)

  • Connection security: Use old-style SSL
  • Connect port: 443
  • Connect server: talk.google.com

Google Talk configuration

Leave "Allow plaintext auth [...]" and other fields unfilled ("Show Custom Smileys" is up to you).

Now you should connect just fine.

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