In our newsletter we have a link with this URL:


This works in Gmail and Yahoo. However, in Windows Mail, when we click the link, the #same_page_anchor gets removed, hence, the user is not directed to the part of the page that we want to.

When we view the link on the email (hovering mouse on link), it does show the complete URL, only when it gets to the browser, the #same_page_anchor gets truncated.

Any idea why is this so?


This seems to be a long-standing bug in the app.

If you're using ID anchors, maybe Name anchors will work better as mentioned here?

ID anchors - <a href="#anchorname">...</a><h2 id="anchorname">...</h2>

Name anchors - <a href="#anchorname">...</a><a name="anchorname">...</a>

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